The    Treaty    of    Unity    between    Aerica    and    the    Esterites:

ARTICLE ONE: Citizens or nationals of the Aerican Empire, the New Worcester Kingdom, or any parts of the Esterite empire shall have the right to dual citizenship with either the Aerican Empire or the New Worcester Kingdom; procedures being regulated by the respective national laws of each. No discrimination based upon colour, race, previous condition of servitude, sex, sexual preference, or failure to pay any poll tax or other tax shall be considered in the naturalization between said nations.
ARTICLE TWO: Citizens who join either nation have right to participate in government, if so elected or appointed and by standarized regulations without said discrimination, and age limits may be so set.
ARTICLE THREE: The declaration or waging of war by the New Worcester Kingdom or Aerican Empire against each other is hereby prohibited by mutual agreement. The Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia may enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
SECTION ONE: The New Worcester Kingdom recognizes the sovereignty, freedom, probable happiness, efficiency, micronation-likedness, and self-determination of the Aerican Empire.
SECTION TWO: The Aerican Empire recognizes the sovereignty, freedom, probable happiness, efficiency, micronation-likedness, and self-determination of the New Worcester Kingdom.
ARTICLE FIVE: The said nations recognize the reality of each other, recognition of the silliness being left as optional.
ARTICLE SIX: Freedom of colour or combinations thereof shall be kept in force, and marriage between people of different colour or combinations thereof or of the same colour or similar colours. The Supreme Intermicro-Court (of the SPUM) shall enforce this article by appropriate descisions.
SECTION ONE: Should either said nation declare war on another nation not so mentioned, either should report it to the other said nation, including details conerning the date of the declaration and circumstances of war. Reporting having been declared war upon should be left as optional, unless nine declarations of war come at that nation within a period of ten days, at which point similar reporting should commence. In either circumstance, after a report has been made, the leader of the nation reported to should put the war before his/her nation to discuss it and discuss similarly declaring war. If both of said nations are at war, contact should be made, and temporary alliance formed.
SECTION TWO: Concerning such a temporary alliance: Should both of said nations be at war with the same party, an Allied Military Council shall be formed temporarily, for the duration of said war. The AMC as it may be called, shall be chosen of two members for each nation, elected by the legislatures of said nations (or legislative authorities of the same). The AMC shall elect a High Commanding General from its members, which shall have two votes in a tie. The remaining AMC members shall be Lower Commanding Generals, and each nation shall choose Generals themselves. The AMC shall lead the armies, navy and airforce of both nations during the war.
ARTICLE EIGHT: Both of said nations shall deliver help to each other, when requested by the executive authority of one of these nations. The Supreme Intermicro-Court has authority to judge unreasonable requests.
ARTICLE NINE: Free trade shall be in force, moving between national borders without need of a visa or other authorization (unless that nation is in a state of emergency), and no taxes on importation of goods to either nation shall be allowed.
ARTICLE TEN: Upon this treaties coming into force, the previous Esterite-Aerican treaty shall extinguish. The treaty-interpreting authority of the SPUM shall have the judicial authority over this treaty.
ARTICLE ELEVEN: This treaty shall come into force when ratified by the Emperor of the Aerican Empire, by the Senate of the Aerican Empire, when virtually signed by the Emperor of the Aerican Empire and King of the New Worcester Kingdom and when approved as a law in the Esterite law-book series named the Faslexius.
ARTICLE TWELVE: Virtually signing shall be considered: The party's name on top of his electronic mail address on top of his nation's name. So finished on April 26th in 1999 A.D.
SIGNED: ********************* *************** The New Worcester Kingdom.
Eric C. Lis The Aerican Empire.
King William I ***************/a> The New Worcester Kingdom.