The Charter of the Supreme Intermicro-Court



We the present Members of the Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia
(SPUM) feel the
need to form a judiciary branch of said alliance. Article XXV of the Parchment of
Microstatia states that the “Senatus, by majority vote of no less
than 51% of the Senatus,
may establish an amendment relating to a Supreme Micronational Court or
Intermicro-Court of such, to act as the supreme judiciary organ of the SPUM.
Only then shall it be established. Until then, the Senatus and Secretary-General shall act as the
judiciary branch”.

Therefore, this large amendment, the Charter of the Supreme
Intermicro-Court, is
recognized as SPUM law, and is approved as an amendment through
Article III-III and
Article XXV, and must be obeyed by all SPUM members.

Article I-I: Supreme Intermicro-Court.

The Supreme Intermicro-Court (SIC) is the judiciary arm of the
Splendid Micro-Union of
Microstatia. All cases, except those of treaties, must be brought
before the Court for
discussion and final judgment. The judgment of the Supreme Intermicro-Court is final,
and no party involved can disobey the judgment. Should it be
disobeyed, the Alta Flut
shall take power to enforce the judgment.

Any micronation who is not a member of the SPUM may also take a case
before the
Supreme Intermicro-Court. However, both parties involved must agree
by oath to follow the jurisdiction of the Court.

The Supreme Intermicro-Court may also interpret all SPUM laws and
make Judiciary
Statements which take immediate effect and which explain or declare
an aspect about
SPUM laws. The Supreme Intermicro-Court may remove SPUM laws which disobey the
Treaty of SPUM and Parchment of Microstatia.

Article II-I: Consists of.

The Supreme Intermicro-Court consists of no more than ten members,
chosen by the Secretary-General, and six members chosen by the Senatus. Each member shall last in
office for two years.

II-II: The members may elect a Chief Justice who shall have full power to
veto Judiciary Statements, at which point the Secretary-General must decide. The
Chief Justice shall
keep order in all meetings of the Court and may appoint a Deputy
Chief Justice who
assists the Chief Justice, Clerk who records and announces Judiciary Statements, Deputy
Clerk who assists the Clerk, Law-Remover who inspects all SPUM laws and searches for
incompatible ones, and a Foreign Court Ambassador who deals with relations with all
foreign micronations, model countries and communities.

The Supreme Intermicro-Court decides things by majority vote, and
decides cases by a
two thirds majority of members. The Chief Justice is elected by
majority vote, for an
office of one year.

Article III: Law-Remover.

Should the Law-Remover find an incompatible law or one that is
against the Treaty of SPUM or Parchment of Microstatia, that Law-Remover must report it to
the Chief
Justice. The Chief Justice must then call a discussion on the accused law.
After the duration of two weeks, the Chief Justice shall call a vote to remove the law or not.
If the law is removed, it must be reported to the Secretary-General who must report all the
members of the SPUM and remove the law from all official SPUM documents. Should
the Secretary-General fail to do this, the Alta Flut (by request of the Chief Justice) must
force the Secretary-General to do so.

Article IV: Amendment.

This Charter may be amended by a majority vote of the Senatus, or the unanimous vote
of the Supreme Intermicro-Court, but no amendment may separate the Court from the
SPUM or disobey the Treaty of SPUM or Parchment of Microstatia.

Article V: Ratification.

This Charter shall be considered active, when there is a majority
vote of the Senatus
accepting it, the approval of the Secretary-General, and four members of the Senatus
having signed it, with the signature of the Secretary-General and Big Chief. Also, it must
be ratified into law by two members of the SPUM.

Written and created on the twenty fifth of December, in the year of One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine, Friday in the Origo Colony of the
New Worcester Kingdom.


**************br> New Worcester Kingdom
Secretary-General, Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia

Tristan Glark
Elected representative of the Aerican Empire

Ben Haris
The Drull Empire

Premier Karl Marx II
The New American Empire

King of the Territory of Danos