Esterite Law

Welcome to the Esterite Law site. For your convenience, this site will provide links to all the laws, treaties and proclamations currently in force in the New Worcester Kingdom. This will allow members of Parliament and prospective citizens to understand the legal system of the NWK.

In addition, in the bottom-most section I have provided links to all of the New Worcester Kingdom's previous Constitutions, the Scroll of Freedom, and several other documents.

Current Law:
The Constitution
Faslexius (laws) [must make]
Treaties [must update]
Royal Proclamations [must make]
The Law of Interkingonum[must make]

(1) NWK Constitution
(2) The Laws of New Worcester
(3) The Articles of Eternal Union

The Faslexius:
Faslexius #1, November 1998/I (FL1-9)
Faslexius #2, December 1998/I (FL10-16)
Faslexius #3, January 1999/I (FL17-25)
Faslexius #4, January again 1999/I (FL26-35)
Faslexius #5, February 1999/I (FL36-42)
Faslexius #6, March-May 1999/I (FL43-52)

The Scroll of Freedom:
The Proclamation of Foundation (Habakkuk)
The Declaration of Pharaoh (Habakkuk)

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BP1: Resolution of Ratification
NP1: Resolution of Ratification

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