The Faslexius: Government Gazette of the New Worcester Kingdom- Volume 1, Number 1, November 1998/I

FL 1- The Provincial Assignment Act. 

Written by: **********************-Babal Province. 

WHEREAS, there are eight provinces, and some colonies and territories 

owned by Us, 

WHEREAS, every Esterite needs to be in a province,

WHEREAS, the government should assign people to be citizens of 

certain provinces, 

Everyone for the below provinces who is from one of the places after 

it will be assigned to the

aforementioned province. Also, everyone within the land of a 

province, colony or territory will

be assigned to that one. 

BABAL; other parts of England, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Finland.

KERAN; France,  Zambia, Egypt and Kenya. 

NONOS; Ireland, and other parts of Africa. 

BUCCA; Canada, Scotland, and the moon of Titan. 

INSULAS; Central America, and Uranus. 

EROSMIDEA; South America, Mars, Spain, and Mercury. 

INTOS; Australia, the Moon and Neptune. 

NEROS; other parts of Asia, Russia, Pluto, and everywhere else. 

Every Esterite citizen in America will be assigned by the Monarch 

and/or appointed chooser. 

FL 2- The Dual Citizenship Is Fine With Us Act. 

Written by: ********************* - Babal Province. 

Be it enacted that Esterite citizens may freely take, hold, and 

maintain citizenship in other

micronations, should they so desire. 

FL 3- The Greatest Immigration Law Act. 

Written by: **********************-Babal Province. 

Anyone can become an Esterite citizen. One may become an Esterite 

citizen by an Act in the

Faslexius, or a written Approval of Citizenship by the Monarch or 

Prime Chief. All citizens must

be recorded and the Chairman of State shall take a Population Survey 

every three years to count

the current population. To be a citizen, you must be a human being. 

FL 4- The “We recognize all Micronations” Act. 

Written by: ***********************- Babal Province. 

Verily, the Government of the New Worcester Kingdom and Monarchs of 

the New Worcester

Kingdom shall recognize the existence of all micronations that are 

over the age of one Earth day.

Verily, the Esterite citizens of this great, free and democratic 

kingdom shall be respectful to all

other friendly micronations. 

Verily, the New Worcester Kingdom recognizes that it is a micronation 

and not yet a

macronation. The New Worcester Kingdom accepts that macronations 

could very well destroy

Us and therefore, We will not wage war with macronations over land 

which We have claimed. 

FL 5- The “What is the New Worcester Kingdom” Act. 

Written by: *******************************- Babal Province. 

The New Worcester Kingdom is a new society of people who have come 

together for whatever

reasons they wish, for the purposes of obtaining power, nation-

building, diplomatic relations, fun

and enjoyment, linguistic knowledge, or micropatrology and 

micronationalism. The New

Worcester Kingdom shall remain free of evil and prejudices while 

keeping freedom of speech.

The New Worcester Kingdom shall make all of its actions in respect to 

the rights of the people

and in caution of offending others. The NWK shall defend everyone, be 

a free and democratic

state, seek diplomatic relations and treaties, and be a center for 

those who have been persecuted,

who are poor and helpless and be a jewel of love and friendship. 

FL 6- The Laws of New Worcester Act. 

Written by: *****************************- Babal Province. 

The supreme set of laws of the New Worcester Kingdom shall be the 

Laws of New Worcester.

The Laws of New Worcester is the official constitution of the NWK. 

The Constitution of the

New Worcester Kingdom is now void and useless. The Laws of New 

Worcester shall be the

Code of Justice of the New Worcester Kingdom and shall be the center 

of the administrative

order of this model country. The Laws of New Worcester may be called 

the Code when

necessary for shortened speech. 

FL 7- Interkingonum is Here Act!

Written by:**********************- Babal Province. 


Upon the Command of the First Monarch and Founder of the New 

Worcester Kingdom, Prince

*********************, Verily....

If the present Monarch of the New Worcester Kingdom, *********** 

I, Monarch of the New

Worcester Kingdom, Lord of the Army, Duke of Babal, and Defender of 

the Colonies, otherwise

known as ********************, quits His position, renounces 

His Esterite citizenship or

joins another micronation (quitting the Esterite micronation), the 

position of Monarchy shall

wait for Him. 

	Once His Highness **************** I returns to Esterite 

citizenship (which He can on

wish alone), He may become Monarch on wish alone. The Monarch who 

kept His throne warm

must step down and become an average citizen. The present heir to the 

throne or Prime Chief

shall take the Monarchy while His Highness **************8 I is in the 

other “citizenship”. So,

let Us explain the above law in an average Esterite manner. 

	His Grace ***************88 I quits the NWK. Heir or Prime Chief 

takes the Monarchy and

becomes the Royal Successor. His Grace *************** returns to the 

NWK. The Royal

Successor must abdicate. His Grace returns as the Monarch, restored 

to His Royalist Station as

the Chief Executive, legislative and judicial. 

	This law shall be enforced in the land upon the signatures of 

both His Highness ************8 I and Prime Chief ***************. 

	This law shall become void after August 2, 2025 AD, the 

twenty seventh anniversary of

the NWK. Done this day, on October 9, 1998 AD, Friday, in the Colony 

of Origo, in the New

Worcester Kingdom. Signed thereafter on a later date. 

	Verily this document is Esterite law, though written with 

black, green, blue orange and

grey markers on white computer paper. Signatures below:



FL 7 was signed and is law. 

FL 8- The Scroll of Rights of the NWK Act!

Written by: ***************************- Babal Province. 

The Government of New Worcester Kingdom shall eventually compose a 

detailed document

prescribing the duties of each citizen and the rights of each 

citizen. It shall be called the Scroll of 

Rights of the New Worcester Kingdom. The Universal Declaration of 

Human Rights is law

within the New Worcester Kingdom and its territories and colonies. 

FL 9- Pre-Vote Faslexius Act. 

Written by: *****************************- Babal Province. 

A copy of the preliminary Faslexius shall be sent to all members of 

the legislative branch who

ask for one before the twenty second day of the month. It shall 

contain all the proposed bills and

laws of the legislature for that month. Any member of the legislative 

branch may propose bills

and laws to be put in the preliminary Faslexius. They will have till 

the last day of the month to

vote. Those which pass will be put into the final Faslexius, like the 

one in which this law is in.