New Beginnings: On August 2, 1998, a new and exciting micronation now existed. It was like none other before it. As is recorded in the first issue of the King’s Paper: “Yesterday, August 2, 1998, Sunday, *********** founded a new Micronation, infact, a new kingdom. It is called the New Worcester Kingdom and ************ declared himself Prince ************** of Worcester. He is still a crown prince because he is not yet crowned. But he will be. This is the latest thing since the Talossan Kingdom. What is this brave beginning’s destiny? Only God knows.” This was the New Worcester Kingdom, founded in Palmyra, New York, in the United States of America, but it’s spiritual heart was in Worcester, England, where ************* was born on ********************. *************** chose a simple flag. It had a blue rectangle in the middle and a white background. Above the rectangle was written ‘Rex ************ *************’. Below the rectangle was written ‘Regnum Worcesterum Novus’. The following day, on August 3rd, the Scroll of Freedom was written. This was a document proclaiming the independence of the New Worcester Kingdom and upholding the rights of all micronations to secede. W************, a friend of **************, was proclaimed Prime-Chief. This was the chief executive position. There were two official languages. The first was English, and the second was a strange constructed language called Babel. In Babel, the official name of the Kingdom was Ela Nobu Estur Kungi (The New Worcester Kingdom). That same day, on August 3rd, ************ ****** ******** became a citizen of the Kingdom. On August 4th, Mark *********** became the fourth citizen and Nick ********** was appointed Secretary of War. Around August 10th a new flag was adopted called the Old Nwker or F-2A. It was just a white flag with a yellow circular blob in the middle. It had the letters NWK on it, which stood for the New Worcester Kingdom. This was an exciting time for the nation. A Constitution was written from August fifth to the eighth by Prince N************** and Prime Chief Will ***********. A website was built, on about that same time. On August the sixth, *********** ********** sent the following e- mail, showing his obvious confidence in the Prince: Your Majesty, this is your Secretary of War reporting to you. We need a person who can take the job of bringing peace to our country! Our armies are working very hard to keep the public from being afraid of our outside enemies. We are but a peaceful nation, but every nation, good or bad, always has its ups and downs, sir, this is a time when our great nation needs you the most. Reporting out. Secretary of Defense-War, NAC. (Thursday, August 6, 1998, 7:30 PM). He is also reported to have said: “Your new means of strengthening our nation is the newest human evolution on our Earth.” The Aerosmith Clan War: NC, however, also believed we were under attack from a non-existant nation, called the Aerosmith Clan: “I have frightfull news. Our Kingdom is under attack and we are having some difficulty protecting our kingdom. We are under attack by the Aerosmith Clan and have no defense against their weaponry.” He doesn’t go on to explain what weaponry we ‘have no defence against’. This was the most serious situation the New Worcester Kingdom had yet gotten into, fighting a non-existent ‘clan’!!! On August 11, the Prince declared each province should have it’s own consitution and on August 12th, Ene Kunka was proclaimed the national anthem. It used the tune of the Bhutanese anthem but words written in Babel: Ene Kunka, And Yehoe, Kunka, And Yehoe, Kunka, Ene Regos, And Yehoe, Regos, And Yehoe, Regos, Regos, Regos, Regos, Den oka nos Kunka, O! Yula, yula, suri Kunko! Ripi oka oka noz suri, O! Ene Kunko, Kunko, and Yehoe, And Yehoe, and Yehoe!!! August 12, the Kingdom joined the Grand Alliance, which is an intermicronational organisation. On August 15, we entered into an alliance with the Federal Mayan Republic. A nasty conspiracy arose, at this time, over whether or not the Aerosmith Clan actually existed or not. If the Secretary of War, Nick Crane, was proven to have lied about it’s existence, then he might have to face a dishonorable discharge from the military. Also, another new flag was invented. It had a blue background, with O’EY written on it, so it was called O’EY-1. Eventually, on August 17, 1998, the Aerosmith Clan was declared to have been destroyed. NC would face no charges, because it could not now be proven whether or not the Clan ever existed. Post-War Devolopment: On August 21, e-mails were sent by the Prince to.... Eventually, it appeared that Nick Crane had had enough. An e- mail was sent on August 23rd saying he’d quit. Later, he admitted it had been his brother screwing with his e-mail. Another flag, called the Nordic Nwk or Ncnk-4.00 was declared official. Prince **************************** later declared that the Aerosmith Clan and their home land of Aerosmithia were inventions of NC, and that he’d destroyed his own micronation. It was decided, however, that he wouldn’t be punished. An odd flag, called Mayan-1 or FMR-01 was declared the official flag, in honour of the ties of friendship between the New Worcester Kingdom and the Mayan Republic. On September 1, the first 16 amedments were added to the Constitution, and on September 13, an addition eleven amendments were added. Prime Chief William invented his own short-lived micronation on September 5, called the Kingdom of Danos. The War of ONTES: On September 13, 1998, Sunday, 2:59 PM, the New Worcester Kingdom declared war on the Kingdom of Landreth. It was all over the ridiculous refusal of the Landreth Kingdom to let the New Worcester Kingdom join ONTES (The Organization of Non-Territorial and Emerging States). The Federal Mayan Republic was an ally in this war against Landreth. On October 1, the war ended and peace prevailed. The New Worcester Kingdom had given up (which showed that we were brave enough to risk invasion!!! :) Creation of the SPUM: On September 19, the Treaty of SPUM was made, which officially founded the Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia (SPUM). The Treaty was made between the Kingdom of Danos and the New Worcester Kingdom, who were the first members. The Island of Islandia (founded on August 7, 1998), which was ruled by King Alexander Jemmima III signed the Terranic Agreement with New Worcester Kingdom. He agreed that the New Worcester Kingdom now owns the Island of Islandia. This conquest is officially known as the Islandou Conquesto. It was signed on October 4, 1998. A more permanent flag was then devised. It was called the Justice Banner. It was a rectangular flag with red on the top half and blue on the bottom half. Mark Francis, who was an Esterite (citizen of the New Worcester Kingdom), created Markonia, which was his own micronation, on September 11. In Issue 7 of the King’s Paper, it was announced that it would henceforth be called Cacansa Ester Paipaic (CEP) or Great Paper of Ester in the Vocatae language. On October 10, 1998, the Law of Interkingonum was signed by *************** and Prime Chief William ***********. It stated that if Prince ********** abdicates the throne, then Prime Chief William would become King. However, Prince ************ could, at any time he desired, reclaim the throne and King William would have to abdicate. The law is in force until August 2, 2025 A.D. Carolyn Bridgewater then joined as the fifth citizen. A Constitutional Congress was called on October 11th, for the creation of a second and superior constitution. On October 16, the United Micronations accepted the New Worcester Kingdom as a member. The War of Rocklokz: Apparently, on October 18, a really big tree named King Old Growth with the support of the New Worcester Kingdom (through the Arborian Treaty of Alliance), declared war on some stones (for obstructing the peace in the Origo Colony). This war became known as the War of Rocklokz. Initially, nine rocks were captured, in the Battle of Rockshaw (October 20). The General of the rocks announced: “I was only following orders! Our orders were to throw Ourselves at King Old Growth, thus hurting him. I’m of the fourth division of the I-Rock army, general class military commander Stone. The whole I-Rock army consists of ten stones and pebbles. Our allies, the Big-Rockies also have ten soldiers. I don’t know about Our new ally, the Island of Islandia, they’re a tricky bunch. Anyway, as the only English-speaking rock here, ‘We of the fourth division, SURRENDER to the will and power of the New Worcester Kingdom’. There, I said it, I’M A LOUSY TRAITOR, VIVA I-Rock!!!” These rocks were allies with the Island of Islandia. Remember, that the Island of Islandia gave all of it’s territory to the New Worcester Kingdom in the Islandou Conquesto, through the Terranic Agreement. The Island of Islandia obviously wanted revenge! In the Battle of Big Tree, five rocks were captured. Princess Stoned-Tu-Much was captured in the Battle of Vicktorstone. In the Battle of Hardrock, one rock was captured. In the Battle of Capturestein (October 25), the King of I-Rock/Big-Rock was captured as well as three others. A trial was called for King Oggk on the charges of “treachery, defeat, rebellion, unauthorized alliance, destruction of forests, obstruction of justice, and meniachle acts against the Origo Colony”. The War of Rocklokz ended with the Treaty of Inflatuations on November 8. Parchment of Microstatia: The eleven members of the SPUM, the New Worcester Kingdom included, adopted the Parchment of Microstatia on October 25, as the Constitution/Charter of the SPUM. This was a big step in the evolution of the micronational world. The SPUM took on a new level of maturity. Work on the Constitution: Up to a point, the Constitutional Congress had been working on the Articles of Esterite Chiefdom (the new idea for a constitution). However, that was dumped in favour of the Laws of New Worcester. The Constitutional Congress ended and the Laws of New Worcester became the official constitution on November 22, 1998. The first Faslexius (law-journal) of the New Worcester Kingdom was written on November 23. Leslie Bridgewater became the sixth citizen on November 4, and ********** Proulx became the seventh citizen on November 6. On November 10, His Majesty, ********* declared that since NC wouldn’t reply to e-mails and was not worthy of his position, he was stripped of all titles. The Great Abdication: Around this time, King ******** was trying to join the Kingdom of Talossa. He abdicated the Throne on November 26. Prime Chief Will became King William I, the second King ever to rule the Throne of the New Worcester Kingdom. Nick’s abdication speech was: “My friends, this message goes forth to every Esterite citizen. It is My sovereign duty to say what I am now going to say. This is the saddest day in Our Glorious History. Let this be known in all Esterite sources of news and let every citizen know what I shall say. Give alms to what I speak so. I announce that I may soon be aloof of the New Worcester Kingdom whilst still editor of the CEP. I beg upon that thou all might be conversant with this conundrum. Abdication is a hard thing to announce I’m afraid. Am I abdicating? I groped around, and have found my destiny. Abdication from Monarchy is the path that I choose. As I wear my crown for the last time, I am doubtful. What have I done in absolute benefit to my micronation besides Its formation? Prime Chief Will shall be a much better King. There is little legislature on abdication, so I take it at My own royal will. I saith now that I am abdicated and that this document is approved. By law, the present Prime Chief shall become King. Hereby, William Beasley is King of all the land. I have found it impossible to discharge my duties as King, without a larger population than seven. There is the serious problem of inactivity in this nation, which I can not deal with. Am I the only active citizen? It seams to be so. We are gathered here today, in a time when this solidly founded micronation is progressing at a phenomenal rate, and as the Origo Seas flow in the rivers of Our many colonies, as the flowers grow in the fields of Our meadows, and the King sleeps in the Babal Province, I shall be with you all. Let this day be forever known as Abdication Day. Celebrate this day every year and let it be a day of progress.” Chelsea Erenstone became the eighth citizen and Celeste Erenstone became the first honourary citizen. On January 1, 1999, former King, ****************************, again joined the New Worcester Kingdom after failing to join Talossa. He them made a failed attempt to join Penguinea, but he doesn’t hold a grudge against either of those micronations. John Smith (Premer Marx) became the ninth citizen on January 8, 1999. On January 9, the Treaty of Empire was signed and the Kingdom of Danos was annexed. Final Defeat of Islandia: The Island of Islandia finally was defeated!!! On January 30, 1999, the New Worcester Kingdom paid the Island of Islandia $3 and the Islandic-Esterite Covenant was signed. The Island of Islandia was now a part of the New Worcester Kingdom. The Great Inactive Period: Thus we enter the Great Inactive Period. This is from 1999- 2000. The New Worcester Kingdom seemed doomed for extinction. King William I wasn’t doing much with it. Then, ***************** recieved a great idea on May 18, 2000. He was now living in England again, and had visited the actual City of Worcester once. He decided that the New Worcester Kingdom must be refounded. In the middle of the night, at 2 A.M., he worked out a Preamble to a new Constitution. The New Micronation: It appeared necessary that the New Worcester Kingdom be entirely refounded. It had done a lot of things it probably shouldn’t of. It’s name had been stained. It was inactive, and the King was too busy to do anything with it. It was either refound or die!!! The answer was clear, it had to be refounded. Drastic action was necessary. So, ************************, the original founder, decided that on August 2, 2000 (the Two Year Anniversary of the New Worcester Kingdom), it would be refounded as ‘the Ancient Republic-Kingdom of Upper and Lower Habakkuk in Amon-Ra’. The ‘Articles of Eternal Union’ were written and preparations made for the refounding. This was an exciting time. It was as if a new micronation was being born; and truly, it was. :)

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