What is the Kingdom of Habakkuk?

Welcome to the Ancient Republic-Kingdom!!!

This is the web presence of the Ancient Republic-Kingdom of Upper and Lower Habakkuk in Amon-Ra, formerly know as the New Worcester Kingdom. The New Worcester Kingdom was founded on August 2, 1998 A.D. It was re-founded however as the Ancient Republic-Kingdom of Upper and Lower Habakkuk in Amon-Ra on August 2, 2000 A.D. Why?

Maybe you should take a look at our History section. However, the main reason it was re-founded was to bring the Kingdom into the modern world and prepare it for the Millennium (January 1, 2001) which soon approached. It needed to shed it’s old shell and soar to new heights.

What is Habakkuk? Essentially, it is a micronation which is based upon a system of powerful constitutional monarchs, and avoids party politics and other political involvement. The citizens can participate in the various functions of the government, which includes, in order of authority:

1. The Pharaoh (hereditary)
2. The two Governors (appointed by Pharaoh)
3. The President, Cabinet and Vice President (by seniority)
4. The Council of Amon-Ra and (appointed by Pharaoh)
5. The Senate (elected by the population)

The Senate is the only one of these governing bodies which is elected. The Government is divided into the traditional divisions of:

1. Head-of-State: Pharaoh
2. Executive: President
3. Judicial: Council of Amon-Ra
4. Legislative: Senate

But, also it is guided by the principle of seniority, which means that the first authority is Pharaoh and the authority descends from there. Each of these governmental bodies have powers and privileges but each is successively higher than the other. In practice, the Council of Amon-Ra is more powerful than the Senate. Therefore, although in one sense it is a government of the people, it is also a totalitarian regime.

Some may criticise the nation on this point, accusing it of being equal to or copied from the many other micronations with ‘totalitarian’ governments or one-leader states. On the other hand, Habakkuk might argue that it is wholly unique. Why should someone be elected a President just on the whim of the people? Why shouldn’t it be someone who has experience and it qualified. He should be an elite personage who has ascended the hierarchy.

The President of Habakkuk is the Chief Executive. He ‘shall be second in authority to the Office of Pharaoh’ and ‘shall hold his Office during a Term of infinity’ (AoEU Article 4, Sec. 1). Usually, in a Presidential vacancy, the Vice President will become President. That is the usual method of Presidential succession. And the person who becomes Vice President is the senior member of the Council of Amon-Ra, called the Reuben. A new member is then appointed to the Council of Amon-Ra by the Pharaoh.

The Council of Amon-Ra the highest court and the members are the chief judicial officers in the micronation. Each member is also the symbolic leader of one of the twelve tribes of Habakkuk. The members are, in order of seniority:

1. Reuben,
2. Simeon,
3. Levi,
4. Judah,
5. Zebulan,
6. Isaachar,
7. Dan,
8. Gad,
9. Asher,
10. Naphtali,
11. Joseph and
12. Benjamin

Each moves up the ladder of authority until eventually becoming Vice President and finally President for a term of infinity, unless the person resigns, dies, or is expelled. This way the President is sure to be a wise and experienced person who has had a lot of knowledge of law and economics. Isn’t this better than jumping someone to the top by party politics, greed, and lust for power? And, each member is appointed by the Pharaoh, who is probably wise enough to know who deserves the honour and can bear the weight of responsibility.

Furthermore, the citizens are represented in an elected Senate, which, although the lowest authority is the governmental system, is still the chief legislative authority. It is composed of six Senators representing each of the twelve tribes of Habakkuk. In reality, however, they are each elected by the entire populace. It is not a meaningless and powerless body used as an excuse for a totalitarian government, as some may in the future protest, but is, rather, a representative body which voices the opinions and wishes of the population. All treaties and Declarations of War must be approved by the Senate, because they involve the entire micronation.

Why then, are they made the lowest authority? I mean, shouldn’t the people have a say in what goes on? That may be the view of some ‘free thinkers’, but the world has not always been like that. Nowadays, the world is governed mainly by corrupt republics, communist regimes and dictators. Most so-called ‘democracies’ are blinded by materialism and ruled by a selective, party/greed motivated, elite class. Communist regimes are not fulfilling their original desires. There are also many dictators still, who are motivated by the illusion of grandeur or feel some sort of ‘need’ to ‘direct and give a guiding hand’.

There is a solution, however. It is not a new thing, it is quite ancient. In the world, there are several surviving monarchies. They, like many beautiful and distinct animal and plant species of the modern world, are in danger of extinction. Many people feel monarchies are symbolic, backward or corrupt.

In reality, in former times monarchies were total, absolute, hereditary institutions which were inviolable and given the designation of ‘divine institutions’. Before the Reformation, Kings were considered God’s representative in all secular matters. Although, the truth is that genetics don’t produce virtuous successors and many Kings were greedy or just, plain idiots, it is not a new idea. The Pharaohs of Egypt regarded themselves as representatives of Horus, and even Akhenaton considered himself a representative of Aten. Most Scandinavian monarchies claimed descent from Thor or Odin. Japan’s Emperors thought they were descendants of the Sun god.

People began to realise that perhaps monarchs weren’t special after all, and concluded they could just rule themselves. Often, this led to tyranny, confusion and corruption. Napoleon Bonaparte is a good example. Monarchies provide a needed stability and are a focus point, beyond political interest and temporary situations and circumstance which can be turned to for guidance. Kings can offer welfare to their peoples and are champions of justice.

However, a nation is not guaranteed a good heir. That is why there need to be safeguards. A King shouldn’t be allowed to do what he wants and there need to be institutes which can correct and give guidance to the King. That is where former kingdoms fail. Modern monarchies have sought a solution and concluded that if the King has no power and is symbolic, then the people could ‘rule’ themselves and even if the King is corrupt, there will be no problem because he can’t do anything at all.

That is where tribal governments succeed and traditional monarchies fail. In many tribes, the hereditary or appointed Chief is the head-of-state and is advised and corrected by the elders. These elders are the exponents of wisdom and command respect through their seniority. The Chief, therefore, has got little reason to be misguided. He’s not, on his own.

This is the function of the Council of Amon-Ra. They are the ‘elders’ of Habakkuk and the symbolic heads of each Tribe. They give the necessary guidance to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh also appoints two Governors.

“These Governors are his assistants. They are to assist him in other appointments and to help run the government. He may delegate authority upon either or both of the two Governors when necessary. He may also dismiss them and then appoint others to fill their places.” (AoEU Article 3, Sec. 2).

Yes, the government is totalitarian. It governs all aspects of the micronation. Yes, it is a kingdom, but it also has republican, tribal, and traditional aspects which bind it around the Pharaonic core. Yes, it is the reincarnation of the New Worcester Kingdom, but in reality, a more correct title would be successor to the New Worcester Kingdom.

It is a member and co-founder of the SPUM (or Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia) which has been proven to be the greatest micronational union around. Most inter-micronational unions have proved to be mistakes, incapable of dealing with reality. The SPUM, however, is the most serious, intelligent and united of such organisations as: the United Micronations and the League of Seccesionist States.

It is open for all (who are not lazy) to join and participate in. It is, you could say, an alternative to conventional micronationalism.

The micronation is still, as of yet, ‘new’, and thus has a limited amount of citizens or resources. That is why it is essential that YOU join as soon as possible. We don’t want lazy people, however. You should be willing to participate in the government. You can leave the micronation if you want. There is no restriction. It isn’t a so-called ‘real nation’ and is not expected to function like one. Changing citizenship is a much more open and realistic matter. The main, essential institutions are vacant and need filling by enthusiastic, intelligent persons who are interested in following the government and respecting the institution of the Pharaoh.


Contact us a soon as you are ready to join. In fact, there is no rush. You don’t have to join. You can observe what goes on for a while or just give us your opinion of our micronation. Perhaps you simply want more information, or are convinced that you don’t want to join but simply wish to learn more. You may even be a ‘bug-nation’ sort of person who is intent on declaring war on us or getting treaties from us. However, we are tolerant of the great ‘micronational demand’.

Anyhow, we are waiting for motivated persons such as yourself to fill up these vacancies and get us running. We need to show our obvious power and strength and make ourselves top in the micronational world. Let us succeed together in squashing inactivity and let us found a micronation that is bustling with activity and is prepared to deal with the complex challenges facing the micronational community.

Welcome to the Real Micronational World!


You haven't begun reading this website yet!!!

P.S. This is Shi-Gorkk the dragon!

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