Cacansa Esteri Paipaic (CEP):

Founded on August 3, 1998, CEP is the oldest newspaper of the New Worcester Kingdom. This is the fourth issue under Its new name. It used to be called, King’s Paper.

Volume 1, Issue 11. 27, February 1999. “February” issue.

Laws of New Worcester Ratification?:
Although not required, the Laws of New Worcester can be ratified by provincial legislatures. On January 2, 1999, Saturday, the Babal Province which is the capitol of the New Worcester Kingdom has become the first province to appoint its legislature, and the first province to ratify the Laws of New Worcester. On January 3, 1999, Sunday, the Neros Province has become the second province to appoint its legislature, and the second province to ratify the Laws of New Worcester (after a long and thoughtful debate).

League Charter finally!:
After a long time, finally the League of Seccesionist States has formed its Charter (January 1st, 1999). The Charter was ratified by the signatures of Greg Aldous of the Kingdom of Talossa, Thomas Leys of the Commonwealth of Port Colice, Rob Hart of the United Provinces of Utopia, Michael Brooker of the Inner Realm of Patria, H.R.M. Christopher Daniel Francis Thieme of the Grand Duchy of Grognardia, Dick Grogan of the Republic of Baja Arizona, Daniel F. Jackson of the Holy Empire of Reunion, Rick Harwood of Choconya, Remick Maximillian of the Kingdom of Merovingia, Brian Thomas Martin of the PR of Valsgraphenstein, Henry McCaster of Porto Claro, and Secretary-General David H. Kendall.

SPUM crisis:
The Senatus, in the middle of voting for the Charter of the Supreme Intermicro-Court was in an Emergency Session to deal with the Marxist American situation (from January 3-5). On January 5, the Secretary-General of the SPUM called off the vote due to a pathetic appology and retraction of war from the MRA. The MRA then began inviting communist-SPUM members to join the now defunct “Union of Communist Nations” founded that day!!! The Aerican delegate protested this and a second emergency vote to punish them was called. On January 7, 1999, Premer Marx of the MRA dissolved the MRA in a declaration called the “end of the republic”.

Ninth Esterite Citizen!!!:
John Smith (not his real name) who also calls himself “Premer Marx”, became the ninth citizen of the New Worcester Kingdom and of the Keran Province on January 8, 1999.

Treaty of Empire SIGNED:
On January 9th, the Treaty of Empire was signed by the Kingdom of Danos and New Worcester Kingdom. The Kingdom of Danos is now an Esterite territory. Danos then became the first territory to ratify the Treaty of SPUM and Charter of the Supreme Intermicro-Court.

Realm of the Old Ones:
The Realm of the (Great) Old Ones has become the fourteenth SPUM member (counting observers). The delegate is Andrew Hunt, a.k.a. Great Cthulhu. January 10, 1999.

New American Republic:
The New American Republic joined the SPUM as the fifteenth member on January 27, 1999. The delegate is John Smith, a.k.a Premer Marx.

Historical Treaty:
The Island of Islandia and New Worcester sign the Islandic-Esterite Covenant, which is a treaty giving the Island of Islandia to the New Worcester Kingdom and dethroning the King. We win! One of the seven year plan goals is met! Why did the Island of Islandia sign? The NWK paid them $3 from Our official treasury. This was January 30, 1999.

First Supreme Intermicro-Court appointed!
The Supreme Intermicro-Court is the second intermicronational tribunal in history (on February 3, 1999). The League of Seccesionist States also has a “Court of Justice”. The Secretary-General has recently appointed the first Supreme Intermicro-Court. The members are: Tristan Glark of the Aerican Empire, ****************** of the New Worcester Kingdom, Andrew Hunt of the Realm of the Great Old Ones, Karl Marx II (John Smith) of the New American Republic, and Czar Levi I of the Communist Nation of Artenya. The Chief Justice elections will end on February 28th.

Karatov Federal Socialist Republic:
The Karatov Federal Socialist Republic has become the sixteenth member of the SPUM on February 15, 1999. The delegate is Premier Vyacheslav Vassilyev Tovjdorvic Solovina-Tvjerzhinov (vs@www.yu). Their web page is . What next?

Vocatae Word Count:
The language of Vocatae now has 930 words as of February 27, 1999.

William Beasley enters third term as Prime Chief:
William Robert Beasley, has appointed himself Prime Chief again. He is now in his third term as Prime Chief, which will end on May 3, 1999.

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