The King's Paper:

Since August 3, 1998
Volume 1, Issue 12: August 3, 2002 -- special edition

1. The King’s Paper Returns
2. Four Years Old: The New Worcester Kingdom
3. The King’s Speech
4. NWK Forums established
5. Treaty with Nautica
6. Sports News
7. The King’s Paper, a brief history
8. News Summary (1 Jan. - 3 Aug.)
9. News Updates
10. Census Results Summary
11. Pre-Census National List
12. Traditional Esterite Geography
14. A Poem

The King’s Paper Returns:

This August Third, 2002, the King’s Paper has returned. Throughout eleven issues the King’s Paper recorded and charted the course of Esterite history. It’s existence has long been a memory, a forgotten relic of micronational history. On the twenty-seventh of February, 1999 the last issue (#11), then called “Cacansa Esteri Paipaic (CEP)” was written and printed. At that time the New Worcester Kingdom had recently gained its ninth citizen, but the great majority were inactive. William Beasley had just entered his third term as Prime Chief (to end on 3rd May 1999). The NWK was a member of only intermicronational organisation, the SPUM, which then had 16 members. The NWK’s first momentous months of history had come to an end. The King, increasingly occupied with other concerns, could no longer keep up with writing a micronational newspaper.

Since that time, the New Worcester Kingdom has gained different citizens, temporarily changed its name (to the Ancient Republic-Kingdom of Upper and Lower Habakkuk in Amon-Ra or TARKULHAR), and has gained a new Constitution. With improvement of the official website and the establishment of an e-mail group and board, activity has greatly increased, various new ministries have been established, the NWK has joined several other intermicronational groups (LoSS & LoM) and Foreign Affairs demands have been overwhelming. This great leap forward in the evolution of our community has necessitated the creation of a news service that can embody the national culture, keep citizens aware of important events, collect important facts for historical reference, and bring important happenings together in one place. Nevertheless, the King’s Paper is just that, the King’s Paper. It is an effort on the King’s part to reach out to his citizens, bring them an awareness of their commitment as citizens in a developing and diverse culture and help foster an understanding that the history of the NWK is to be built by its citizens; whose very actions determine the content of this newspaper. Reading this paper should be seen as a non-obligatory responsibility, an important part of Esterite development.

Contributions of various kinds are welcome. Articles of Esterite or micronational interest, editorials, obituaries, sports reviews, poetry, quotes, ministerial and ambassadorial reports, suggestions, proposals, and any articles of micronational cultural interest which you think might be appropriate should be submitted to the Editor. Please help to make the KP a thriving success, full of diverse views, and an embodiment of a developing culture.

Four Years Old:
The New Worcester Kingdom:

On August Second the New Worcester Kingdom celebrated its fourth birthday. At its foundation, with one citizen and no organisation, it is hard to imagine that it would last four years and continue. It is also one year from the foundation of the third kingdom. Although the present NWK Constitution was signed on 3 August 2001, the re-founding of the New Worcester Kingdom is counted from August second. On the occasion of the anniversary, the King composed a poem and delivered the King’s Annual Speech (see below article). That four years have passed, and yet the King still reigns, and we have a citizenship of eleven is fine testimony of our vitality as a nation. It will yet be seen what future good this Kingdom shall reap, as we continue to build and expand this important micronational community.

The King’s Speech:

2 August 2002, Friday in Patras, Hellenic Republic (Greece)
Office of His Royal Majesty, the King:

To the Citizens of the New Worcester Kingdom, young and old alike, we send greetings!

By Right, invested in me by the Constitution of the People of the New Worcester Kingdom I make this National Speech, outlining the plan and goals of our nation for the coming year.

On this momentous occasion, I feel confident of the continued success and organic growth of the NWK. The growth of citizenship is slow, but we have now more active citizens than ever before. We have more Ministers than ever before. We have greater achievements in activity and participation than ever before. It will only take a small but steady growth to build the New Worcester Kingdom into a large and stable state.

The primary goal I set for this Kingdom in the coming year is sustained participation in the legislative process of Parliament. Parliament is the central decision-making body of the nation. I hope that more and more citizens will feel the necessity to vote in all its proposals, and to themselves propose legislation.

After Parliament, the next most primary goal is Ministerial activity. I hope that the Ministers will contribute in their various offices to the functionings of the NWK. Each Minister is entrusted with a specific duty, like the various and necessary organs of a body, and if they each run smoothly, so the body will be healthy and able.

After Ministerial activity, it is essential that the citizens themselves, whether they have an office or not, contribute by regular participation in either the e-mail group or the internet forums. In addition, citizens can send written or artistic contributions to the King’s Paper, can found clubs, societies or associations within the New Worcester Kingdom or just enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, the Ambassadors can contribute in real life to their own betterment and that of their fellow-citizens. The New Worcester Kingdom should also be a vehicle for bringing happiness and unity to the human race as a whole. Whatever nation or land you live in, why not do something of service to others, or even give someone else a word of encouragement, or donate to some charity? Perhaps you can do it, inwardly or outwardly in the name of the New Worcester Kingdom? However imaginary or real the New Worcester Kingdom may be, it too can contribute to the well-fare of humankind. Maybe we can help others to realise that we are all parts of the same human race, whatever religion, race or gender we may be. Do not feel that these are ‘commands’. This isn’t an official proclamation or law. These are simply my suggestions for growth and prosperity in the NWK for the coming year. Long live the New Worcester Kingdom!!!

HRM, *********** I, by the Grace of God, King of the New Worcester Kingdom, Lord of the Army, Grand Duke of Babal & Worcester, and Defender of the Colonies. (delivered in the Babal Province of the New Worcester Kingdom, 2PM, Babal Provincial Standard Time).

NWK Forums established:

The New Worcester Kingdom now has an e-mail board ( With the expertise of Sander Dieleman (the self-styled Forum Designer) and the support of our citizens, the New Worcester Kingdom forums have grown to become one of the central features of the New Worcester Kingdom. The Forums are divided into four sections: General, News, Government and Provinces. General has four sections: (1) General, which is the main forum, (2) The Red Dragon, where citizens can ‘chat, drink and socialise,’ (3) the Bard’s Circle where all poems, quotes, short-stories and love sonnets go, and (4) Spam Central where all spamming, silly or imaginary ideas, phoney civil wars and other useless things go. Of these the Red Dragon is most popular, being the host of the Word Association Game. This is a game based on the one started in Amerada, where one posts the first word that comes to their mind, and a chain of words develop. The General forum is the second most widely used. The Bard’s Circle and Spam Central are not used much at the present time. The News section contains only one forum, the King’s Paper. In this section each latest issue of the King’s Paper will be posted. It won’t necessarily be as high quality as the website version. The Government section has four forums: (1) Parliament, where all the voting happens, (2) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (3) the Ministry of Immigration, (4) the Ministry of the Interior. Parliament is the most frequently used forum. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the place where the King posts all the latest foreign contacts. The Ministry of Immigration is occasionally used. The Ministry of the Interior is the least used. The Provinces section has one forum, Provincial, which has not yet been used.

Treaty with Nautica:

On the nineteenth of June, 2002, the United Kingdom of Nautica ( proposed a treaty. This is the first treaty that the New Worcester Kingdom has participated in quite some time. I will give a summary of its various provisions: (1) agreement to “establish among themselves diplomatic relations.” (2) Both states agree to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. (3) Both states recognise each other. (4) Free movement for the citizens between both states at all times, but no citizenship or “right of abode” is conferred on any of the citizens. (5) Both nations agree to defend each other at all times, and defend each other’s citizens. Both agree not to attack or invade each other, etc. (6) “No person shall suffer death for any offence...” The death sentence was permanently banished. (7) Only a visa will be required for travel between both states. (8) People may go to work in either nation, for less than one year. (9) The Head of State, Prime Minister, Government, Ambassador(s) and any diplomatic staff have full immunity in either state. This does not include treason or espionage. Both parties agree to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. (10) Upon signing this treaty there shall be an Embassy in both nations.

The Treaty was sent to the New Worcester Kingdom by His Grace, Duke Marc Pernell of Lockshire, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Treaty was already ratified by His Imperial Royal Majesty, Emperor Leo II of the United Kingdom of Nautica, Reigning Monarch of the Realm. The New Worcester Kingdom’s Parliament approved the Treaty with 2 Yeas, 1 Nay and the King’s approval (FL49) on 8th July. Voting began on the 21st of June. An amendment was proposed by the king, to abrogate the death sentence clause, but it failed.

Sports News:

The New Worcester Kingdom has been participating in the World Sevens (, which is entirely computer simulated. On 7/28/02, Mattlore Devious, Lord Executive of New Macadam, Deputy PM of Amerada and Editor of the Nut announced on the NWK Forums that “the NWK defeated Nova Pacaria 29-7 at Wirraram Football Stadium. 23,115 fans watched the Kingdom play outstanding football as the side, playing its first League match ever, outclassed the Nova Pacaria side who, only two days ago, defeated the much fancied Western Macadam Panthers. The Panthers play the NWK in two days time.” This was the NWK’s first major intermicronational sports victory. Matt later announced the results of the match with the Panthers (7/30/02): “The Western Macadam Panthers clawed there way to a 24-1 victory over the Kingdom today at Wirraram Football Stadium. 16,135 fans watched the match - the final in Pool W.” However, on August second, the NWK defeated the Southern Macadam Sharks 21-17 at Wirraram Park with a crowd of 22,475. Matt declared, “The match was a knock out Bowl Quarter Final. NWK now goes on to play Amerada in a Semi Final tomorrow.”

The King’s Paper, a brief history:

Founded on the third of August, 1998, the King’s Paper served the New Worcester Kingdom through eleven issues, finally ending on 27 February 1999, charting the first half year of the New Worcester Kingdom’s existence. The first issue was printed the day after the NWK’s foundation, and the day on which the Scroll of Freedom was written. Its first article was entitled ‘A new Micronation’ and began: “Yesterday, August 2, 1998, Sunday,************************** founded a new Micronation, infact, a new kingdom. It is called the New Worcester Kingdom and *************** declared himself Prince ************ of Worcester. He is still a crown prince because he is not yet crowned. But he will be...” Even so, the present king, ************ I has yet to be crowned, but later adopted the title of king to avoid the assumption that the New Worcester Kingdom was a principality. On that same day William R. Beasley was appointed the Prime Chief. Each term of office for the Prime Chief lasted three months. English and Babel were proclaimed the official languages (Babel was an early attempt by ************ at creating an international auxiliary language). The first issue was essentially an attempt at defining the newly created nation, but it often resorted to the ridiculous. In the end of an article entitled ‘What is the New Worcester Kingdom’ it concludes: “But you see, this micronation not only has a completely NEW flag, NEW language and NEW approach to micronationalism but is also going to go high places fast. Not before long, all micronation groups shall recognise this shining purple gem of inaureoled glory and perfected sent, that will befog the other nations in a guise of power...” The flag at that time was not the present one. A three issue subscription cost $1.15 plus 85 cent postage in the US, and a four issue subscription cost $1.50 plus $1.50 postage in the US ($4.00 postage for purchases outside of the United States).

As the New Worcester Kingdom evolved, the King’s Paper evolved with it. The NWK’s first Constitution was established on August fifth, and the second issue of the King’s Paper appeared on August tenth. On August twelfth the NWK’s first anthem was adopted, ‘Ene Kunka’, which was sung to the tune of the Bhutanese Royal Anthem. Throughout this time the NWK adopted new flags, some only having official status for several days. The non-existent Aerosmith Clan (later to be incorporated into the NWK as the Erosmidea province) was destroyed on August 17th (one of the inventions of former Secretary of War, NC). The fourth issue of the King’s Paper was released on August twenty-fifth. Issue five came out on August thirty-first, the last issue to be released in that historic first month. Issue six came out on October fourth. This issue recorded the infamous “War of Ontes” when the New Worcester Kingdom declared war on the Kingdom of Landreth (Sept. 13th). The Treaty of SPUM was written on September 18th, and finally signed by the Kingdom of Danos on September 19th, marking the foundation of the Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia (SPUM). The sixth issue also announced the creation of the New Worcester Kingdom’s present flag, red on top of blue. It was called the ‘Justice Banner’. The Parchment of Microstatia was ratified by the eleven members of the SPUM on October twenty-fifth. Issue seven came out on October twenty-sixth.

On November tenth issue eight came out, but it was no longer called the King’s Paper. The name was changed to ‘Cacansa Esteri Paipaic (CEP)’ which is Vocatae for the ‘Great Esterite Paper’. On November thirteenth the NWK established its first online forums, which were called Palandarei, but they were soon defunct and were never used. On November twenty-second the ‘Laws of New Worcester’ became the second official Constitution of the New Worcester Kingdom. *********, then known as ‘King ************* I’ abdicated on November twenty-sixth. As he stated in his abdication speech: “By law, the present Prime Chief shall become King. Hereby, William Beasley is King of all the land. I have found it impossible to discharge my duties as King.... We are gathered here today, in a time when this solidly founded micronation is progressing at a phenomenal rate, and as the Origo Seas flow in the rivers of Our many colonies, as the flowers grow in the fields of Our meadows, and the King sleeps in the Babal Province, I shall be with you all. Let this day be forever known as Abdication Day. Celebrate this day every year and let it be a day of progress.” Issue nine came out on November twenty-seventh.

Issue ten was released on January first, 1999. It recorded the King ************’s return to citizenship, but not the throne. Issue eleven appeared on February twenty-seventh, 1999 and was the last issue of the ‘CEP’/King’s Paper. No further issues were produced, and the New Worcester Kingdom’s first newspaper faded into the obscurities of early Esterite history.

News Summary (1 Jan. - 3 Aug.):

1 Jan. 2002, Tue. - Peter A. Little appointed Minister of Defence (Official Proclamation 1-2002). He accepted 2 Jan. 2002, Wed.
- Earl Washburn defines Intosian geography for Micro-Monde.
13 Jan. 2002, Sun. - The Theocracy and Empire of the Nations of Kato ( applied for diplomatic relations. (the NWK has yet to properly reply).
27 Jan. 2002, Sun. - Ka Naji invites the NWK to join the Elite Board of Micronations (
30 Jan. 2002, Wed. - Clem Yeats, Premier Minister Ydeen, Doyen de l’Universite de Sumer informed the NWK about the Babel Intermicronational Project from the University of Sumer ( According to the message: “Meet citizens from a far micronation, learn their language, listen to the stories of their country, discover their tradition and then speak to them about yours. Teach your own language and come back with new knowledge, ideas and comparisons.”
5 Mar. 2002, Tue. - The Republic of Marajo ( applied to “establish diplomatic relations with your great nation.” (the NWK yet to properly reply)
- Eric S. Deslariers became the 12th current Esterite citizen.
Announced on e-mail group on 25th March 2002, Mon.
21 Mar. 2002, Thu. - The Bahá’í Naw-Rúz (New Year). It became the year 159 B.E. (Bahá’í Era).
26 Mar. 2002, Tue. - Michael Thornley became the 13th current Esterite citizen. Announced the same day.
1 Apr. 2002, Mon. - FL47 and FL48 became law. FL47 granted recognition to the Theocracy and Empire of the Nations of Kato, the Most Serene Empire of the Cumquat, the Principality of Villeroy, the Empire of Leblandia, the United Kingdom of Nautica, the Republic of Amerada, and the Republic of Marajo. (the NWK has yet to inform these nations). FL48 allows Parliament to approve new citizens, alongside the king.
2 Apr. 2002, Tue. - The Kingdom of Habsburg
( applied for recognition. (the NWK has yet to properly reply).
7 Apr. 2002, Sun. - The Grand Duchy of Thornley
( asked for “official diplomatic mutual recognition with the New Worcester Kingdom.” (the NWK has yet to properly reply).
9 Apr. 2002, Tue. - The Islamic Republic of Antverpia ( applied for “mutual recognition, with linking to each other's website, but without further obligations.”
26 May, 2002, Sun. - Mian Aamir Saeed appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. (Official Proclamation 2-2002). He did not reply within a reasonable amount of time.
8 Jun. 2002, Sat. - Joe Beldin applied to for citizenship. He was the first citizen to be voted on.
14 Jun. 2002, Fri. - Announcement of the creation of the New Worcester Kingdom forums (
16 Jun. 2002, Tue. - The United Bobbesian Republic( contacted the NWK.
(NWK replied). They suggested opening a branch of the ‘Bobbesian Airways’ on our e-mail board (20th June).
- Voting began for Joe Beldin’s citizenship application.
18 Jun. 2002, Thu. - The United Kingdom of Nautica( contacted NWK again concerning micronational relations.
- The Kingdom of Kiseenia ( contacted the NWK. King Lucas I called the NWK’s Constitution “well conceived and one of the most beautiful of the micronational world (and these aren’t just words in the wind).” (the NWK replied)
19 Jun. 2002, Wed. - The United Kingdom of Nautica proposed a treaty. Voting began on the 21st.
- The King/Editor *********** started work on the twelfth issue of the King’s Paper.
- The King accepts the His Imperial Royal Majesty Order of Honour of the United Kingdom of Nautica. The NWK was offered the status of Most Favoured Nation and Ally of the Realm.
21 Jun. 2002, Fri. - Mian Aamir Saeed again appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs but not Immigration. (Official Proclamation 3-2002). He accepted 26 Jun. 2002, Wed.
- Scott [...] appointed Minister of Immigration. (Official Proclamation 4-2002). He accepted on 24th Jun. 2002, Mon.
- Joe Beldin became the 14th current Esterite citizen. 4 Yeas, 0 Nays. (C-1-2002).
25 Jun. 2002, Tue. - Michael I, Grand Duke of Thornley appointed Minister of the Environment and Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia. He accepted on 27 Jun. 2002, Thu.
- The King proposes an amendment to the Treaty with Nautica.
26 Jun. 2002, Wed. - Earl Andrew Washburn appointed Ambassador to Canada. He accepted on 5 Jul. 2002, Fri.
27 Jun. 2002, Thu. - The NWK Annual Census began.
- The Kingdom of Kiseenia proposed a “universal micronational arts agreement.”
28 Jun. 2002, Fri. - The Kingdom of Bravia ( contacted the NWK. (no relations established yet).
5 Jul. 2002 - The United Republic of China ( contacted the NWK. (no proper reply yet).
8 Jul. 2002 - The amendment proposal to the Treaty of Nautica failed. 1 Yea, 2 Nays.
- The Treaty of Nautica passed (FL49). 2 Yeas, 1 Nay. The King approved the bill.
11 Jul. 2002, Thu. - Census reminder sent to several citizens.
13 Jul. 2002, Sat. - HM Cesidio Tallini, King of TTF-Bucksfan, Dean of Bucksfan University, & Manager of Fifth World e-group, invited NWK to join the Fifth World e-Group (
18 Jul. 2002, Thu. - Hemanth Reddy applied for Esterite citizenship.Voting began the same day. (C-2-2002), new immigration request number system (200207A).
- Immigration Minister Scott [...] invented a new system of citizenship request numbers.
24 Jul. 2002, Wed. - Matias Dyble (20020724B) applied to join NWK. He left the first 3 required questions blank.
25 Jul. 2002, Thu. - Matias Dyble finished citizenship form. Voting began the same day.
- Final Census reminder sent to e-mail group.
30 Jul. 2002, Tue. - The Lord of Office of Foreign Affairs, His Superiority the Kamesu Prince Ka Najè of Kato ( sent the NWK, United Universal Union, New Macadam and the Micronation of Pacary a “General Message and Statement issue of KNS Jul 29 2002. They were processing the recognition of the NWK and hoped that “this diplomatic partnership may enforce and support your nations’ sovereignty.”
1 Aug. 2002, Thu. The Annual Census ended.
2 Aug. 2002, Fri. The King issued his National Speech. Census Results announced.
- Hemanth Reddy appointed Minister of External Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister, and Ambassador to India (Official Proclamation 8-2002) (accepted 3rd Aug.). Joe Beldin appointed Minister of Defence and Ambassador to the USA (OP-9-02) (not yet accepted). Earl A. Washburn appointed Minister of Sports and Governor-General of the Province of Intos, in the absence of the Grand Duke (OP-10-02) (not yet accepted). Lucas I, King of Kiseenia appointed Honourary Consul of the New Worcester Kingdom in South-East Europe (OP-11-02) (accepted 3rd. Aug.).
- The Republic of Aerlig ( contacted the NWK and looks “forward to a favorable resonse, to discuss further details, and sealing a long, friendly peaceful relationship.”
3 Aug. 2002, Sat. - Hemanth Reddy accepted his appointments.
- The twelfth issue of the King’s Paper was released, thus refounding that newspaper. It was placed on the web and e-mail board.

Intos info for Micro-Monde:
“From: "EARL" <>
Date: Tue Jan 1, 2002 10:44 pm
Subject: Intos update

Dear New Worcesterites, I would like to inform you on the province of Intos, in Micro-monde. Here is some brief geographical data on it:

Area: 71000 square kilometres
Length (east-west) 367 km.
Width (north-south) 366 km.
Furthest western point: 63 degrees east of the prime meridian
Furthest eastern point: 68 and a half degrees east of the prime meridian
Furthest southern point: 34 degrees north of the equator
Furthest northern point: 39 and a half degrees north of the equator
Surrounding Seas: (west) Washburnian Ocean (east, north and south) great eastern ocean
Time zone: PMST +2 (Intos Standard Time)
Highest point: in Zait, height not yet recorded.”

Date: Tue Jan 1, 2002 10:49 pm
Subject: Re: [NWKingdom] Intos update
“One mistake, the furthest west and eastern points are wrong. Pleas subtract 45 degrees from both of them. Thanx.”

News Updates:

The first “NWK Update” was sent to the Habakkuk e-mail group on 27th August 2001. There were a total of four updates. With the creation of the Habakkuk e-mail group it became necessary to keep citizens or potential citizens informed about the latest Esterite news. The ‘news update’ format proved useful, both in the recording of historical events and in providing general information about NWK activities. I will give a brief summary of their contents below:

NWK UPDATE [#1: 27 Aug. 2001, Mon.]: New Member [Baton], Diplomacy [from the Kingdom of Dreamland], Pact of Mutual Recognition and Friendship, Intermicronational Organisations [the King was considering joining the LoSS & LoM], Websites to Remember.

NWK UPDATE #2 - 30 Sep. 2001, Sun.: Your Help, Language [the King considers creating Esterite language], Vocatae Page [the King made a Vocatae page,], Nineteen Based System [the King proposes 19-based number system], Diplomacy, Pact of Mutual Recognition and Friendship, Intermicronational Organisations [membership in LoSS & LoM pending], Websites to Remember.

NWK UPDATE #3 - 29 Oct. 2001, Mon.: To the Rest of You, New Citizens [Scott, Earl, Will Choc], Official List of Citizens/Parliament, Nineteen Based System [again], New Laws [FL43, 44, & 45], New Ministers [Scott as FM and Ambassador to Canada, Earl as Minister of the Interior, & Will Choc as Minister of Sports, the Economy and Ambassador to New Zealand], Intermicronational Organisations (LoM/LoSS/SPUM): Yipee! :D [King Spence congratulated the NWK on joining the League of Micronations, 10 Oct. 2001, Wed.], Websites to Remember.

NWK News Update #4 - 17 Dec. 2001, Mon.: New Citizen (11th): Pete Little [Pete joined NWK on 7 Dec. Fri.], New Worcester Kingdom Gets First Sports Team [Will Choc created the ‘New Worcester Kingdom Knights’ on December sixth, Sports News, Minister to Pakistan [Mian Aamir Saeed became Minister to Pakistan], NWK joins League of Micronations (LoM) [The NWK officially joined LoM on 11th Oct. with 10 yes votes and 4 no votes], NWK joins Micro-Monde, The King’s Paper [the King considers re-founding the King’s Paper], Reports? [the King wanted reports on Foreign Affairs], Interior Minister attempts to leave NWK [because of a conflict in Amerada, Earl attempted to leave NWK. He was eventually convinced to stay a citizen], Official List of Citizens/Parliament, Provinces, Colonies & Territories, Websites to Remember.

Census Results Summary:

Royal Esterite Citizens:
1. HRH ************ I of the House of ***********,
2. William R. Beasley, Former King William I, Grand Duke of Intos
3. The Honourable L************, Father Royal
4. The Honourable C*************, Mother Royal
(the half-siblings of HRH ************ I are honorary citizens only)

Non-Royal Citizens (in order of reply to the Census/joining):

New Citizens!!! (Their citizenships were approved 1 August 2002, both with 4 Yeas, 0 Nays):

Those no-longer Citizens (because of failure to reply to the Census):

Pre-Census National List:

Royal Esterite Citizens: [The same as in the Census Results above]

Non-Royal Citizens:

Former Citizens (prior to August 1, 2002):

Former Honourary Citizen:
Celeste Erenstone [honourary] (joined November 1998) (approved in FL32)

Traditional Esterite Geography:

Below is a list of all the provinces, colonies and territories of the New Worcester Kingdom. Perhaps one day they will be further defined, given new mottoes or perhaps otherwise altered. However, at the present time they remain essentially the same. The first five provinces: Babal, Intos, Neros, Nonos, and Keran were created in the first Constitution of the New Worcester Kingdom. The NWK’s first Constitution was co-written by Prime Chief William Beasley. It was started on August fifth and finished August eighth. Erosmidea was added from the remnants of the non-existent micronation of Aerosmithia, which NC, former Secretary of War, said had attacked our kingdom. Insulas was purchased from Alex[...], half-brother of the present King. Bucca simply consisted of part of the City of Bridgwater in England. Erosmidea, Insulas and Bucca officially became provinces under the “Laws of New Worcester”, our second constitution, which became official with “the Laws of New Worcester Act” (FL6) (November 1998). The Laws of New Worcester was signed on 22 November 1998 (3:31 PM/Origo Time). The Province of Worcester was added in the present Constitution.

The three official provincial additions thus occurred on 8 August 1998, 22 November 1998 and 3 August 2001, giving the New Worcester Kingdom successively five, eight and (the final total of) nine provinces.

Babal - Motto: “Great is the pride of Babal, for we do not babble Babel.” Grand Duke: HRH ******* I. Capital-province of the New Worcester Kingdom. Counties: Cu (north-west), Norda (north-east), Capitalia (south-west), Abula (south-east). Capitalia is the capital county of the Babal Province. The title of the Duke of the County of Capitalia is “Lord Defending Duke of the County of Capitalia in the Babal Province of the New Worcester Kingdom.” Location: The King’s bedroom, wherever it shall be, there shall be our capital.
Neros - Motto: “Neros could not care-os, but Nonos has double o-os.” Counties: Ester (north-west), Bebel (north-east), Neras (south-west), Nicia (south-east) . Location: The area from Worcester to Dudley and to the South Shropshire Hills in the UK.
Nonos - Motto: “Nonos once Colonsay, to Scotland they say nay!” Counties: Ners (north-east), Lincon (north-west), Vicin (south-west), Elwan (south-east). Location: The island of Colonsay off the coast of Scotland. Keran - Motto: “Keran the King, Keran will sing, Keranese are we.” Counties: Nasci (north-west), Padren (north-east), Os (south-west), Spina (south-east). Location: The eastern half of Hereford, UK.
Intos - Motto: “An Intosian a year in Intos, is an erosian a year in Nonos.” Grand Duke: William R. Beasley. Counties: Netorg (north-west), Datcom (north-east), Webus (south-west), Zait (south-east). Location: The New Worcester Kingdom’s internet presence, and cyberspace. It has had further definition for Micro-Monde purposes, by the Minister of the Interior, Earl Andrew Washburn.
Insulas - Purchased: October 4, 1998. Motto: “The universe is Esterite.” Counties: Alexus (north-west), Jemmima (north-east), Detird (south-west), Alexan (south-east). Sold to the NWK in the Terranic Agreement. Location: The Island of Islandia, the planet Earth, and all the touching universes and galaxies around it.
Erosmidea - Conquered: August 17, 1998. Motto: “Glory, honour, conquest.” Counties: Erosmit (north-west), Crania (north-east), Arosmid (south-west), Aeros (south-east). Location: Macedon, NY, USA. The conquered Aerosmithia.
Bucca - Motto: “Hail to Bridgwater.” Counties: Guiliam (north-west), Willos (north-east), Robertus (south-west), Beasliat (south-east). Location: Western half of Bridgwater, UK.
Worcester - Grand Duke: HRM *********** I. Motto: “Worcester be the first of all, and Worcester be the New Worcester, Kingdom we call!” Location: The City of Worcester, UK in Neros Province, UK.

Colonies & Territories:
Origo Colony - Esterite colony since 1 September 1998, Tuesday. It consists of Palmyra and Walworth in Wayne County, NY, USA
Renopats Colony - eastern half of Rochester, NY, USA
Okidez Colony - western half of Rochester, NY, USA
Muskyon Territory - all land on the eastern half of Bridgwater, UK
Territory of Danos - became NWK Territory 2 January 1999. Formerly the Kingdom of Danos, it was given to the New Worcester Kingdom in the “Treaty of Empire.” By the terms of the treaty, the Territory is ruled by a hereditary line of Lords, who according to Article Five, “shall be called Kings within the Territory of Danos,” but “they shall be called Lords within the rest of the New Worcester Kingdom.” The Kingdom of Danos was founded on the 5th of September, 1998, Sunday, by William Robert Beasley, then Prime Chief of the New Worcester Kingdom. Prior to its annexation the Kingdom of Danos had seven-article “Treaty of Peace, Mutual Recognition and Alliance,” and was the co-founder of the SPUM. William was later to temporarily become King William I of the New Worcester Kingdom, but later returned the throne to the present King. He is now Grand Duke of the Intos Province, though he does not currently participate in the New Worcester Kingdom.


Below are some quotes in Esperanto, Volapük, Latin, Vocatae (Foxish), and Babel (Dison). The meaning are placed in [brackets]. Esperanto and Volapük are constructed international auxiliary languages, created in the late 19th century. Esperanto capped letters are represented by the letter ‘x’ following the letter it caps. Vocatae and Babel are languages that I created. And Latin (not a constructed language), as you well know, was the language of the Roman Empire.

La Tero estas nur unu lando, kaj cxiuj homoj gxiaj civitanoj. (Esperanto)
[The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.]
Bahá’u’lláh, Founder of the Bahá’í Faith (1817-1892)

Studon Volapüki in läns valik vola lölik. (Volapük, original)
[One studies Volapük in all countries of the whole world.]
From lesson 14 of the “Handbook of Volapük” by Charles E. Sprague, published in 1888.

Venda padesa. (Foxish/Vocatae)
[Original (Latin), “Regnant populi.” (the people rule).]

Onu hese oba en grama grama Kesar. (Babel/Dison)
[Original (Latin), “Caesar non supra grammaticos.” (Caesar is not above the grammarians).]

A Poem:

An Unpoetic Poem of a Kingdom thrice born:
Oh New Worcester, Kingdom where dreams are born,
Oh Worcester, land of my birth,
what tumultuous events hast thou seen?
Land of the birth of a king,
Land where hopes of another king were lost.
Rise again, oh Worcester, and be born again, oh cherished land.
Feel peace again, oh city, feel strength again, oh Kingdom.
Oh New Worcester Kingdom, thou livest in wire and code,
but nay, thou livest in our hearts also.
No more a city, but a community of minds, of dreams, of hopes bound by a King.
Rise again, oh Worcester, from the ashes, show forth thy respendent form,
oh Kingdom thrice born, spread forth thy wings and arise!
HRM ********** I. 2 Aug. 2002, Friday

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