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More Info on the New Worcester Kingdom (NWK)

---The New Worcester Kingdom was founded by our present Monarch,

Nicholas James, on August 2, 1998, Sunday. The capitol of our nation 

is Babal. Our slogan is, "A great king of a great people." Our 

official languages are Babel and English. Our Ruler has entrusted us 

with a monarchy and a constitution and finally a working elected 

government. The first Prime Chief is William Beasley and the first 

Secretary of War is Nicholas Allen Crane. 

---On August 3, 1998 Monday, Our Blessed Royal wrote the Scroll of 

Freedom which was a precurser to the constitution. It told that we 

were free of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. 

---Our Prince/King is ruler for all time. Our Prime Chief is elected 

every three months. Our Chief of Foreign relations is elected every 

three months. Our Chief of Peace is elected every three months. Our 

Micronational Ambassador is elected every two months. Our Ambassador 

to the LOSS is elected every four months. Our 1-8 Hands of the King 

are appointed every four months. Our Secretary of War is elected 

every four months. Our Secretaries of Immigration and Babel are also 

elected every four months. And the sacred Guardian of the King is 

appointed for as long as the Monarch doth say so. 

---Any one who becomes a citizen can vote or run for government. 

There are plenty of positions to fill as we speak. So join us in Our 

Great Cause of Freedom, Justice, and Fun and become an Esterite 

citizen of the New Worcester Kingdom. For info on joining, ask our 

Ruler at, 

---If any citizen wills, he can recieve a nifty Esterite passport. 

So join NOW! And partake of the great coolness of the New Worcester 

Kingdom. So sayeth the KING! 

---If any one wishes to recieve a copy of the Scroll of Freedom, 

send 15 CENTS plus 25 CENTS shipping and handling to:

-------//Nicholas Bridgewater//

-------//2717 Maple Ave.,//

------//Palmyra, NY 14522-9386// 

----Thank you for reading. We're just happy to know that another 

Great person knows about this MOST PERFECT micronation. JOIN NOW. 

---HIS MAJESTY THE KING!----------

people know more about the New Worcester Kingdom.

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