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The SPUM is an intermicronational organization. But, what is it? What does the name mean? Is it also a type of food? The SPUM is a group or club of micronations, microstates, seccesionist states, or small countries. It has a Secretary-General, Roger Poulard of the Dominion of Asphynxia, but most decisions are made by the majority consent of the SPUM. It's both informal, practical and efficient. Members of the SPUM discuss world and micronational affairs, share their plans, news and goals, propose resolutions, vote, debate, joke and have fun on a personal, friendly, micronational level. It is fun, it is open, and it is for us, the micronationalists! And no, it is not also a type of food.

The name ‘SPUM’ is short for ‘Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia’. The name was created by Nicholas James Bridgewater of the New Worcester Kingdom, Founder and first Secretary-General of the SPUM. The name is funny and unique. The meaning was intended to embrace the concept of the universality of micronations. Microstatia is intended to be a universal term for all of the micronational world, whether politically organized or not. The SPUM was designed to be free in its membership, peaceful in its principals and splendid it its organization. It is a Micro-Union for all the states and peoples of Microstatia.

The Stile of this Confederacy shall be, “The Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia.” This Stile may be changed by an entire vote of all the members of said Union.” [from the Treaty of SPUM]

Its membership consists of many diverse micronations, many of whom don’t even speak English as their first language! However, there is a pool of translators (though still in embryotic form) in languages such as Polish, French and Spanish.

Isn’t is just another micronational UN? No, certainly not. The SPUM is not another United Nations for micronations. Its current goals do not include forming a micronational police state, nor does it aim to employ a peace-keeping force. Isn’t it just another inactive micronational experiment that never lifted off the ground? No. The SPUM is one of the most active, if not the most active of all intermicronational organizations. It is the most intelligent, prosperous and free-thinking of all micro-groups. The SPUM is a haven for micronational intellectualism, a place to relax and sometimes go off topic.

History of the SPUM:

The Splendid Micro-Union of Microstatia was founded on September 18, 1998 by the Treaty of SPUM, made between the New Worcester Kingdom and the Kingdom of Danos. Its original purpouse was to “help resolve micronational wars, set micronational standards (measurement, language, currency etc.), and to promote Micro-World Micro-Peace,” (Treaty of SPUM: Article X). These goals have now completely changed, but it has evolved by the will of the members of the SPUM, not by the command of its Secretary-Generals nor its other officers. Though the SPUM still promotes micronational peace, it doesn’t claim to be a military alliance, rather, it is a club of micronations.

The SPUM began small. Its first Secretary-General, Nicholas James Bridgewater, started by inviting many micronations. Some joined, others didn’t. The membership expanded. As time went by, the SPUM evolved, and its inactive members faded away. Now the SPUM consists of many, mostly active observer and full members. The Secretary-General, Nicholas Bridgewater, eventually resigned and was replaced by former Vice-Secretary-General Roger Poulard of Asphynxia. Under his guidance, the SPUM has expanded and grown and messages on its forum have begun to flow like water. Needless to say, the SPUM has a bright future in a growing, greater micronational community.

How to Join the SPUM:

Observer Membership:
Becoming an observer member is easy and simple. Simply apply to join the SPUM eGroup (see the icon below), and send a message of introduction to the SPUM. Observer membership is instantaneous, though new observer members’ e-mails may be initially moderated.

Full Membership:
To become a full member of the SPUM, there are three easy steps:

1). Join the SPUM eGroup (see the icon below).
2). Send a message of introduction, including your micronation’s name, general
information, website, or any other relevant information.


3). Send a formal application (approved by your micro-government) to the SPUM, and name
and e-mail of the appointed ambassador.

Then the Secretary-General of the SPUM will call a vote, and the members of the SPUM will vote on whether or not your micronation may enter as a full member. If the vote passes, you’re in. If it doesn’t pass, you may always try again some other time, or become an observer member (see above).

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