What's the Vocatae language? Can you learn it? What's it all about? That's what I hope to answer in this informative page. Vocatae is a constructed language, created in 1996, for the unpublished stories of Nicholas James Bridgewater. However, it has evolved and has become a semi-official language of the New Worcester Kingdom. Below, you will find documents and translations in Vocatae, as well as a guide to learning the language. Hope you enjoy!

Documents in Vocatae:
Perco Babulae (Scroll of Freedom)
Naimos Pholicutae (Proclamation of Foundation)
Oble, Iecesis 1:1-4:26 (Bible in Vocatae, Genesis 1:1-4:26)
Paselcia Babilae (Tower of Babel)
Quehrhon Vava (Our Father)
Cuias Ahmadic (Tablet of Ahmad)
Cuias Carmilae (Tablet of Carmel)
Guocsa Petro Hrhox (Short Obligatory Prayer)

Learn Vocatae (an online guide)
Part 1: Pronunciation
Part 2: Basic Expressions & Grammar
Part 3: Numbers
Part 4: Pronouns & Tenses
Part 5: Colours, Directions, Months, Etc.
Part 6: Complex Vocatae Sentences
Part 7: Sample Conversation & Vocatae Song
Part 8: Sample Texts in Vocatae
Part 9: Translation Exercises

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