Learn Vocatae:

"Cacansa Aerd Cacansa Vendae"
A Great King of a Great People!
- Historical Motto of the New Worcester Kingdom

Vocatae is a constructed language, by Nicholas James Bridgewater. Also known as ‘Foxish’, Vocatae was created as an alien language used by the Legion, a race of gods who live in the fifth dimension and are ruled by the almighty Amon-Ra. This language was used in many of Nicholas’s stories. However, many Esterite documents have been translated into it, and parts of the Bible, and even the Tablet of Ahmad. It has thus become a semi-official second language of the New Worcester Kingdom.

This language, created in 1996, is an expression of beauty, but also with hard sounds and a non-European, yet very simple (maybe even “too simple”) grammar.

Below are the basics for learning this relatively simple language. Until now, no one has ever spoken this language, so now it is time to learn! Begin today! After completing these ‘Learn Vocatae’ materials, you should have a grasp of the language. All you will lack is sufficient vocabulary. But you should be able to make basic conversation with any intergalactic demi-god, or with the wacky founder of the New Worcester Kingdom and inventor of the Vocatae language, Nicholas James Bridgewater. This guide is divided into several parts, including one with unusual complex phrases, a song in Vocatae, and translations of famous works of literature, as well as complex translation exercises for you to practice at the very end. Enjoy!



a - as in psalm, father, ma
e - as in elephant, when ending a word it is as in say, way, pray
i - as in meet, keep
o - as in boat, stone
u - as in boot, cool
ae, ai - as in shy, kite
ei- ey in hey
eu- ey plus u, sometimes quickly spoke it sounds like you
ia - simply ya
io - as in yo-yo
iu - sounds like you
oe, oi - as in soy, toy
oiu- sounds like ‘Oy, you!”
ou, au - as in cow
ua - as in want, sounds like wa
uae- sounds like why?
ue- as in quest
ui - sounds like we
uo- sounds like woe
uu - two oos

c and g in Vocatae are hard sounds, like cat and gun. The rest are mainly as in English. Qu is as in quest. R is often rolled. Ph is as in fun, finger. Hrh is a unique Vocatae sound. It is a h and rolling r said simultaneously, you’d better practice that one! You’ll find it in such words as (try and pronounce them until you get the hang of it, then memorize):

hrheminuai = career
hrheu = yes
hrhid = soil
hrhimc = simple
hrholi = to anoint
hrhox = prayer
hrhuin = yourself

and in the middle of such words as:

cohrho = waver (verb)
ichrhil = poverty (note: The first syllable doesn’t sound like itch, it is ic-hrhil)
microhrhom = distinguish
ohrhuth = grateful
vudahrhad = neighbour

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