Example complex sentences in Vocatae:

I have been two years in China:
[Lit. Chinain two yearpluralI existpast]:
Cinasiv ca cultrumetom pheummon.

I am not so tall as he:
[HeI not highas]:
Cumenra ca papaidei.

He says so:
[He say so]:
Cum voca saup.

He says to himself:
[Himtohe say]:
Cumuscum voca.

They brought the money to himself:
[Hetothey money bringpast]:
Cumustum elan ermon.

I write to your friends and mine:
[Youpossessiveto friendpluralto andmepossessivetoI write]:
Caehrhonap iopecim cubenrahrhonusenra voc.

You know these two ladies; the latter is rich, but the former is poor:
[Two womanhonorificthispluralyou know; rich later exist, poor former exist]:
Ca thomnyaquisinae edphi; elana daci pheum, ichrhil von pheum.

Give me that book:
[BookthisIto giveimperative]:
Eninviaquitomus lisarum.

I prefer a wooden table to a marble one:
[Wood tableI prefer beyond marble one]:
Methos tirielotom apuanga sina diaph.

The universe is void:
[Void universe is]:
Quispian siph pheum.

*The scholars are in the garden and have the man’s dogs:
[Gardenin scholarplural exist manpossessive dogplural have and]:
Nedesiv estudisumai pheum sapiehrhon ouphai van cub.

*His bosom-friend is a good man, but he has certainly not invented the gunpowder:
[Good manhepossessive bosom friend exist, weapon asheshe certainly not makepast]:
Amut sapiecumhrhon zezand iop pheum, phorc asebocum ocadoci ca ultamon.

*Egypt, as Herodotus said, was the country of the Egyptians:
[Egypt, Herodotusas saypast, country Egyptianpluralof existpast]:
Ecipt, Herodotusidei vocamon, racon Eciptuanaic pheumon.

*O mother, the men are bad! They have knives and books also:
[O mother, bad manplural existimperative! Knifeplural and bookpluralthey have also]:
Om mut, iudas sapiesin pheumacra! Cislione cub eninviasintum van ubca.

* Translation exercises from Klas Linderfelt’s “Volapük” (published Milwaukee, 1888).


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