Below is the Legion Anthem, created for the race of imaginary gods which I use in my stories. Supposedly created by Sir Seth, son of Vark of the Legion, by the command of High-Knight Elav, son of Elov. Try and sing the song, it will improve your Vocatae pronunciation and allow you to get a better ‘feel’ for the language:

Maranaph Amonre:

Que racon, que racon
racon raesnas.
Racon, racon
Cul, Cul, que aerd cub vava.
Cul, Cul, iathue cub raon.

V. 2.
Que venda, que venda
venda Ramutesnas.
Venda, venda
Aliquid, Aliquid, que aerd cub paulon.
Aliquid, Aliquid, que evei cub iop.

V. 3.
Que avama, que avama
avamai Maranaphae.
Avamai, avamai
Solis, Solis, que aerd cub amunon amutae.
Solis, Solis, avama Maranaphae.

V. 4.
Maranaph, Maranaph,
Maranaph Racon
phadai Rae,
enin Rae,
Amon Ra pheum.

Rather than giving an English translation, I will just present some vocabulary so that you can translate it yourself.

Maranaph = the Legion
amonre = anthem
que = we (exclusive)
racon = country
ra = Ra, redemption (also means into, as a suffix)
-esnas (suffix) = under
re = provide
Cul = Fox
aerd = king
vava = father
iathue = lord
raon = commander
-on (suffix) = doer of
venda = people
Ramut = God (monotheistic)
amut = good
Aliquid = Baal
paul = crusade
evei = companion
iop = friend
avama = god
Solis = Amon-Ra
amun = plant (verb)
-ae (suffix) = of
phada = son
enin = eye
amon = river
pheum = exist, is, are, am

A Vocatae Conversation (from Mirdiladia, a story by Nicholas Bridgewater):

1. “Vani quirb,” said Amon-Ra. “Vaniqui San Holinaraicim, Vavaertirae, Novvoc, cub xurna pheum cub ‘cumhrhon iedi ves’?! TeumusTomhrhon cacvava vocamon iallaiaphio, cum caso? Caeatom centucon vesa Cul vocamon.”

(English: How now! Greetings to the Three Holinars, Ad-am-an, the Sultan, and that knight ‘what’s his name’?! My grandfather has spoken to You all from beyond death, has he not? I will work with you for what Fox has spoken.)

2. “UmonmonCiu pheum amonracun iedilin anglisamAe Cinc Omena,” said Ad-am-an. “Adaman tecamonenra pheum Cesamlad San Holinaraicimidei cub anauxcon alexmoe talosso cingpapeap vitencon sarin penic.”

(English: We are pleased for this most notible acquaintance with Your Royal Highness. I have been democratically chosen as the Chairman of the Three Holinars and would like to discuss several political issues of mutual concern.)

Amon-Ra thought that obviously, the Mind had lent him that “Classical and Perfect Vocatae for Politicians and Royalty” of his. Amon-Ra began to think of nasty things to do to the Mind for that. Anyway.

3. “Ocadoci, Monzur Cesamlad, amonracun bentom pheumcon,” said Amon-Ra. “Caem oucauic halc, pheum edphimon Muth Percoic cabca Muth Percoic Baro pheumie.”

(English: Certainley, Mister Chairman, I would be most delighted. First of all though, be it known of the Scroll of Ancient which resides atop Mount Ancient Scroll.)

The Sultan jumped backwards after hearing this.

4. “Niato valoogin sipilacsi davraucsi!” shouted the Sultan. “Denor baronciu CA pheum zed. Ai, iae, iae!”

(English: Holy baloogin’ crapowski darbowski! We are NOT climbing another mountian. Ay, yai, yai!)

5. “Naves, virgo Novvoc plop dumbosinae,” said Amon-Ra. “Ralilen ademon idaer maximalsipic. Caetem londo bahaeconaehrhon abdul calmivulis citicam. Ic, sip adem quirb, vonsip quam tolce iesoc cub racosip virdovulis... WACCAic!”

(English: Nay, fair Sultan of toilet-dribblings. I have taken the liberty of already obtaining it. It will forever guide you upon your mystical quest for unity. Here, take it now, before it sprouts fairy wings and flies upon a cart of... WHACHA!)

6. “Caenra monra, Solis,” said Ad-am-an. “Portvolocim quirb. Eszaitom togetmon quirb amerig dondae Maranaphic. Temen antic moji, om sevlid. Tuobuin irac Novvoc victo Tith Amanrae.”

(English: Thank you, Amon-Ra. Now to bussiness. I have prepared a report on the current econonomical situation of the Legion. I unfortunately lost it, oh well. The Sultan wishes to talk about the sanctioning of the Ogre Kingdom.)

7. “Espu ascedestem quebacon!” said King Amon-Ra phada Baal Sunteru.

(English: This’ll be a long night!)

8. “Sip Tith Amanrae dabrou!” said Shoota.

(English: The Ogre Kingdom deserves it!)

9. “‘Navesen’ iracsiv balot,” the Him said.

(English: I voted ‘no’ on sactioning.)

10. “‘Navesae’ ucodsiv balot,” replied Kraaz.

(English: You vote ‘no’ on everything.)

11. “‘Hrheu ucodap vendae’ pheum!” shouted the Worrier to Kraaz.

(English: You’re a ‘yes to everything’ person!)

12. “Navescae aequi non nosveratie balot,” cried Talata.

(English: You vote not on anything anti-vampirism.)

13. “Desiarum!” shouted the almighty King Amon-Ra. “Senattom nialacon linuerus!”

(English: Quiet! I call this session to order!)

14. “Ho!” shouted the sovereign and obeying Mind.

(English: Hear, hear!)

15. “Vu daec quana sin quana vu cenum vu daec vu xivsinEnra maxcon HolinaraiCiu liscon,” said the All-Knowing Amon-Ra. “Ubca marco caequidoc phorceTom maxcontumCiu liscon.”

(English: I propose that We give the Holinars 54,000,555 zibs. I also propose that We give an army of antimatter weapons to them.)

16. “Alaramut Maranaph!” shouted the Three Holinars. “Gut Manucim!”

(English: Good by, Legion. Glory to Manu!)


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