If you’ve come this far, you must be either an interested linguist, an incredibly boring person with too much free time, an intergalactic space-god, or an Esterite (citizen of the New Worcester Kingdom). Whatever you are, whoever you are, and whyever you’re here, you should now complete the following translation exercises, to help gain a better understanding of Vocatae:

#1: Translate this into English:

Cultrumquiam oucau gut pheum, pheum cub Cultrumie cabca oucau cultiphunmon zeperevur ben ephnimosin hepmic hoilodmon, pheum cubsip alonemon ca ucre emo heracon, pheum cub Cultrumie cabcaCumhrhon Niato Eleudonth vonnuc Muth Cultrumeicae atudimon. Leci, voca oucau cultiphunmon zepeic, cub tumiaphquisin Icin Papasivae idolasmon nialo quar: ‘Tae alyarum, Om Carmil, ioda iau, taevulis ramutu vonnucae Ramutae, pheum cub Padesaon Amanrae Iedisin pheum cub Cultaphunon quodiusinic, lamalmon.’

Hrhaassin guropaea ademmon, cahrhon voca lamalmon papa, ca og naiminmon: ‘Taeamenhrhon lecon nautas lecon lisnia, idoioenravulisTae canonmonTaehrhon eninva, enravulisTaehrhon stenesa tipimon, enracimphultammonTaehrhon pure cub. Tom, OmTae le cub Ibhoe quator lecon, hrhomiTaeio wav galileo cilocmon. Enrahrhon vaba dagnuTaehrhon deanio sunomon oucau. Taeus oucau hrhoxea pheumconenraTaehrhon nialap ultamon ucremon idolasam, enraaTaehrhon pure omenmonam, enrahrhon vabap lecon lismonam parea osesiva ephnimoTaehrhon cultrumicvup, cub espoliph vocaTaehrhon Cosiviae, pheum cub voca celTaehrhon busjilideiTae aquethd venda colombusmon. MoxTaehrhon ca ucre eutme Ricardolem heilmon, Taehrhon CosiviiepTae consraTaehrhon vabaic consramon, cub iau, siphrhon iusep pholicutsinus macrus ultimuno rivadmon, cabca ertiraicim ca mahulmon cel abdulai hrhuen baldieth canonmon elanostaisivCum Cab Vanon oucau zepeic cultaphunmon pheum.

Vocabulary for translation:
Paragraph 1:

cuias = tablet, writing
Carmil = Carmel
cultrum = day
oucau = all
gut = glory
cabca = which
cultiphun = create
zep = thing
-revur = over (suffix)
(osesiva = delightful
ephnimo = smell)
osesiva ephnimo = fragrance
hepmi = mercy
hoilod = waft (verb)
alon = era
ucre = can, able to
emo = hope
hera = against, to rival
niato = holy
eleudonth = seat
vonnuc = countenance
muth = ancient
atudi = turn towards
leci = thereupon, then
voca = voice, speak
-iaph = beyond (suffix)
icin = concourse, gathered
papa = high
idolas = hear
nialo = call, summon
quar = aloud
alya = haste, hurry
ioda = because
iau = lo
-vulis = upon (suffix)
ramutu = light
padesa = rule (absolutely)
amanrae = kingdom
iedi = name
quodiu = heaven
lamal = lift, rise up

Paragraph 2:
adem = seize, take
hrhaas = transport, affection of strong emotion
gurop = joy, happiness
og = thus
naimin = proclaim
lecon = life
nautas = may
lecon = will be
lisnia = sacrifice
idoio = inasmuch as
canon = fix, stay
eninva = gaze, see
stenesa = bounty
tipi = bestow, confer
phultam = direct, change
pur = step
ibhoe = source
quator = eternal
hrhomi = separation
wav = well, very
galileo = nigh, near
ciloc = consume, destroy
vaba = soul, spirit
dagu = remoteness
dean = presence
(suno = burn
oucau = all)
sunomon oucau = burned away
hrhoxea = praise
idolas = hearken, listen, hear
omen = honour
-vup = through (suffix)
vaba lecon = quickened, give life
parea = vitalizing
espoliph = shrilling
cosivi = pen
colombus = ordain
busjil = trumpet-call
aquethd = amidst
-olem = when (suffix)
mox = hour
eutme = resist
heil = strike
ricard = faith
-iep = into (suffix)
consra = breath
pholicut = foundation
macrus = entire, whole
ultimuno = creation
rivad = shake
iusep = very, true
(ertir = human)
ertirai = mankind
mahul = veil
abdul = mystery
baldieth = hidden
canon = remain
elanost = treasury
cel = such
hrhuen = lay
vanon = possessor, one who has

#2: Translate this into Vocatae:

“How I wish that I possessed the power of a despot,” exclaimed Thomas Jefferson.

(inquring looks)

“Yes,” he continued. “I wish I was a despot that I might save the noble, the beautiful trees that are daily falling sacrifices to the cupidity of their owners, or the necessity of the poor.”

“And have you no authority to save those on the public grounds?” someone asked.

“No,” answered Mr. J., “only armed guard could save them. The unnecessary felling of a tree, perhaps the growth of centuries, seems to me a crime little short of murder.”

[The World in 1800 - by Olivier Bernier: pg. 212]

Vocabulary for translation:
possess = van
power = amen
despot = iudaerd
exclaim = quasvoc
Thomas = Tomas
Jefferson = Iepherphada
inquire, question = queli
look = eninva
wish = victo
might, may = nautas, nya
save = hrhi
noble = auje
beautiful(ly old) = virgo
tree = methu
which = cabca
daily, day = cultrum
fall = iou
sacrifice = iamanx
cupidity = ixlahrhib
own = van
necessity = pengui
poor = ichrhil
authority = gudino
those = quisin
public = lambus
ground = nos
answer, to = vocatov
armed = phorca (lit. with weapon)
guard = potec
unnecessary = ca pengui (lit. not necessary)
kill = ialla
perhaps = isva
grow = zela
century = cenum cultrume (lit. 100 yearplural)
seem = samatz
crime = osvant
little short = cua ca (lit. littlewith not)
murder = ialla

That’s it! Now that you’ve studied this guide for many hours you are ready to begin speaking Vocatae with the utmost confidence. Vocatae is a member of the Tremnyza language family, a family of languages I created, which includes Tremni, Nyzorlian, Wrahnig, and the Comet and Krypten languages. All of these are constructed languages. But, behind them all is Vocatae, the language of the imaginary Legion, and a semi-official language of the New Worcester Kingdom (a real micronation). It is a direct, simple language, without complication. Words can be nouns, sometimes verbs and adjectives and adverbs all at the same time! Why, because the meaning is clear from the context. It is a language of purity without the constraints of bizarre declensions or conjugations. Since 1996, it has been a language virtually unknown to anyone, and that is about to change. :)

“Vocatae vocaspicarum, pheum cub auje vocati aerdeic cub avamaic.”
Speak of Vocatae, the esteemed language of kings and of gods.



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