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Welcome to my home page! My name is NJB. My main website is now located at the following address: http://sites.google.com/site/njbridgewater/ There are some links to my old web pages below. Several of them are in English and Esperanto.

For more information on Esperanto, which is a natural, living and functional international auxiliary language, see: www.esperanto.net or to start learning Esperanto right away, in your own language, see: www.lernu.net See also a reply to some arguments against Esperanto. Esperanto is definitely a fascinating phenomenon that is worthy of further investigation.

My Genealogy

NJB's Royal Ancestors

If you're interested in royal genealogy, and in particular, how royal, prophetic and noble lines can descend to the present day, then I recommend that you check this out. It shows my lines back to diverse royal and prophetic families.

My Prophetic Ancestors

Royal Ancestry of Susan Clinton, Lady Fynes

This page is about my eleventh great-grandmother, Susan Clinton, Lady Fynes (b.c. 1602), daughter of Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln (1571-1619) and Elizabeth Knyvett, who moved to New England with her husband, John Humphrey in about 1634. This page shows her (at least) sixteen lines of descent from King Edward III.

Edmund Dudley's "Tree of Common Wealth"

This is a fascinating book written in 1509/10 by my 15th or 16th great-grandfather, Edmund Dudley, Esquire. He was the Speaker of the House of Commons under Henry VII Tudor, but came under royal disfavour under Henry VIII. He wrote this work as a last attempt to save his life before his inevitable execution. I have now transcribed the preface, introduction and collation, and the full text of his treatise. I hope you enjoy reading this interesting insight into Tudor thought and wisdom.

Translations of Lidia Zamenhof and Roan Orloff Stone (Tradukoj de Lidia Zamenhof kaj Roan Orloff Stone).

I have finished the transcription of several unpublished manuscripts of Lidia Zamenhof and Roan Orloff Stone, thus preserving them for posterity and ensuring that they are put to good use. I hope that Esperantists and Bahá'ís alike will take an interest in these monumental translations by the daughter of Ludwik Zamenhof and her dear friend. Both were great champions of the Bahá'í Faith. Lidia's life is a tragic one, which resulted in her dying in the concentration camps of Poland during World War Two. I hope that her work may live on through this site.

Nick's Bahá'í FAQ

If you are puzzling over this unfamiliar word with accents over the letters "a" and "i", this page is probably for you, but the official Bahá'í webpage is also worth checking out; www.bahai.org You'll find lot's of information there. Bahá'í is a phenomenon which is unparalleled in history, and, if its adherents are correct, it is going the shape the future destiny of humankind.


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