The New Worcester Kingdom Micronational Treaties:

----The New Worcester Kingdom is a peaceful country 

and does treaties with other micronations. The first treaty it 

ever did was with the blessed Federal Mayan Republic. 

Nations the NWK has done (a) treaty(ies) with:

The Federal Mayan Republic: A peaceful, powerful and wonderful micronation
The Republic of Motolia: A nice, friendly, peace-loving, freedom-loving, micronation
The Aerican Empire: One silly micronation!!!
The Kingdom of Danos: A new, younger than the NWK, micronation.
The Island of Islandia (IoI): A weirdo nation.

List    of    Treaties:

The Parchment of Microstatia: Signed October 10, 1998, Sunday.

The Treaty of SPUM: Signed September 19, 1998.

The Treaty of the Empire with the Kingdom of Danos and the New Worcester Kingdom: Signed January 2, 1999. 

The Arborian Treaty of Alliance: Signed October 18, 1998. 

The Islandic-Esterite Covenant: Signed January 30, 1999, Saturday.

The Treaty of Inflatuations: Signed November 7, 1998.

The Terranic Agreement: Signed October 4, 1998, Sunday. 

The New Worcester Kingdom to Kingdom of Danos Treaty of Peace, Mutual Recognition and Alliance: Signed September 5, 1998. 

The New Worcester Kingdom-Aerican Empire Treaty of Silliiness, Peace and Mutual Recognition: Never Signed. (done August 26,  1998).

The New Worcester Kingdom-Republic of Motolia peace treaty: Never signed. (done August 24, 1998).

The Esterite-Maya treaty-: Never signed. (done August 15, 1998).

The Treaty of Unity between Aerica and the Esterites: Signed April 26, 1999.

The International agreement about the proscription of nuclear weaponry: Signed May 19, 1999.